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Faith, Technology and Tomorrow


Welcome to our project!

Faith, Technology and Tomorrow is a project providing opportunities for scientists, medical professionals, engineers and those with no background in science, from church congregations and the wider community, to meet together to explore how Christian faith illuminates questions of science, medicine and the environment in tomorrow's technological context. 

Upcoming Events...

Friday 13th October 2017 - Review and Reflection

Our next event on Friday 13th October is a chance to come together to discuss what we have discovered over the course of the project, and a chance to review and reflect on all that has happened through the meetings and various trips. 

Join us for an evening of facilitated discussion on technology in the light of previous evenings!


In our last meeting we explored human enhancement. For a little insight into what we discussed, including technology such as that shown, watch the video below!
For more information on that project see

The Third Thumb is a 3D printed human hand extension controlled by the feet. It investigates the relationship between bodily movement and the control of body connected technology.



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We are project grown out of SML Poole and are running a series of events to explore questions about science and faith through activities, trips and discussions. Everyone is welcome; from local church congregations to the wider community, scientists to those with no background in science! 

We hope to see you at one of our events! Let us know if you are coming by clicking on the button below and fill out the form!