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Faith, Technology & Tomorrow


About the Project


Justin tomkins

Justin Tomkins, one of the project's co-directors, is the Associate Vicar at SML Poole and brings a proven track record of working at the interface of science and technology, particularly through his work on Human Enhancement, one of the project topics. Justin has contributed to the Salisbury Diocese' 'Aldhelm Certificate' on faith and science; written material for the 'Christian's in Science' 'Thinking about...' series of information leaflets; and worked with 'CARE' on their Human Enhancement web resource linked to his book.


Joshua naylor

Josh Naylor, one of the project's co-directors, is a highly qualified and well respected Radiotherapy Physicist based at Poole Hospital and a committed member of SML Poole.  Josh has eight years clinical experience at postgraduate level - six of those at Poole Hospital. Josh specialises in radiotherapy and works within the Dorset Cancer Centre. Josh oversees SML Poole's visual media team and is a champion of issues of science and faith within the congregation. 


Faith technology and tomorrow

Faith, Technology and Tomorrow is a project providing opportunities for a diverse mix of local people to come together and explore issues of science and faith enabling professionals in these fields within local congregations, their colleagues from outside the church community, and members of local congregations with little scientific knowledge or understanding to come together to learn and discuss.

The project will focus upon the theme of technology and its significance for healing, society, the environment and humanity and there will be video recordings of the sessions as well as interviews with those involved to capture testimonies and provide necessary footage for project evaluation.

The project will run a a series of events held primarily at St. Mary's Longfleet Church Centre in Poole and incorporating trips and visits to other local venues to explore how Christian faith illuminates questions of science, medicine and the environment in tomorrow's technological context.


St. Mary's Longfleet Church, SML Poole, is an Evangelical/Charismatic Anglican Church in Poole on the South Coast of England. 

The location of SML Poole next to a major hospital, and within a few hundred metres of two different doctors' surgeries, mean that medicine is a live issue for the congregation. Justin Tomkins, one of the projects co-directors and associate vicar at SML Poole wrote and published a book on "Human Enhancement" during his curacy which has resulted in the church being engaged in issues of science, medicine and technology and resulting ethical questions, and open to further exploration of these areas.

Whilst the immediate surroundings of the church are within an urban area of Poole, our wider context is one of outstanding natural beauty, close to the harbour, coastline and surrounding countryside, providing a constant reminder of the beauty of God's creation. This context provides powerful triggers for considering creation care and our engagement with environmental issues within the project.